Mountain Grizzly

The hunt of a lifetime!

The grizzly is one of the most majestic game animals in North America, and both of our hunting areas have them — in excellent numbers

Our area supports a very healthy grizzly population. Based on a 1999 government study of British Columbia’ bear habitats, several parts of our territories received the highest rating for its ability to support grizzly bears. In fact, despite abundant berries and breathtaking vistas, there are certain areas in our territories that local hikers and huckleberry pickers avoid altogether – simply because grizzlies are so prevalent.

Since they are interior mountain grizzlies, they have silvertip fur with color variations from dark to light brown. Ornery and with thick fur and long claws, they are a formidable, yet beautiful animal. They make a spectacular trophy!

In the spring, the Grizzlies emerge from their winter dens and immediately move to the avalanche chutes to feed on the tender new sprouts of grass. The big boars are the first to emerge from their dens, and we try to coordinate the hunt to this time.

We hunt these trophies by glassing the grassy basins and then undertaking a carefully planned stalk to get within range.

Depending on the weather, we hunt grizzly primarily by horseback. Early in the season, we will also use snowshoe to access some of the basins that still have deep snow at lower, shaded elevations.

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