Rocky Mountain Goat

A true test — a magnificent trophy!

Both hunting areas boast very healthy populations of Rocky Mountain Goat. You should have numerous billies to choose from, and may include Boone and Crockett class goats. Many sport horns over 10 inches.

The big billies reside high up on the mountains in remote drainages. The high reaches of St. Mary’s Alpine Park (a part of our Sawtooth territory) also have excellent goat habitat. Stalking a Mountain Goat takes skill. Mountain Goats survive based on their ability to traverse high rocky crags. They have very keen eyesight and are constantly scanning for predators. Patience, cunning, and experienced guides are key ingredients in a successful hunt.

Generally, we use horses and or hike up canyons. We then glass the mountains until we find the trophy Mountain Goat we are looking for. Then the stalk (invariably uphill) begins.

We have a limited number of tags available, so it is advisable to book early. We offer an 7-day Mountain Goat, Whitetail, Mule Deer and Black Bear combo, or a 8-day hunt which includes all of the above, plus Rocky Mountain Elk.

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