Hunting Package Days Guide ratio Price (per person)
Rocky Mountain Elk (also includes mule deer, black bear, wolf and whitetail) 7 1×1 $7,950
7 2X1 $5,950
10 1X1 $9,950
10 2X1 $7,450
Wolf 7 1×1 $5,950
Lynx 7 1×1 $5,950
Mountain Goat (also includes wolf) 7 1X1 $11,900
Shiras Moose (also includes mule deer, black bear, wolf and whitetail) 7 1X1 $9,950
Bighorn Sheep (also includes elk, mule deer, black bear, wolf and whitetail) 10 1X1 $48,000
Grizzly Bear (also includes black bear) 10 1X1 $17,950
Trophy Mule Deer/Whitetail combo (also includes black bear and wolf) 6 1X1 $5,950
7 2X1 $4,450
Cougar 7 1X1 $5,950
Predator (includes cougar, wolf, lynx, bobcat, and coyote) 8 1X1 $9,950

Black Bear (2 bear limit) $3000 plus tag for second bear*


6 1X1 $5,250
6 2×1 $3,450
* 5% GST
* $100 per day per person extra for using hounds or horses for bear hunting
** Archery – Sept 1-10


Wildlife Conservation Fees READ MORE:


Please inquire if you are interested in designing your own customized hunting package.

DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT: We require a $2000 deposit at the time of booking with the remainder, including all taxes, licenses and other fees due 2 months prior to arrival. All hunt deposits are non-refundable, but you may send a replacement. The deposit link at the bottom of the website accepts $2000. Balance is payable via bank draft, money order or online transfer.

INDEMNITY: All hunters are required to sign an assumption of risk and indemnity waiver prior to the hunt.

THE COST OF YOUR HUNT INCLUDES: All meals and lodging while you are in camp, riding and pack horses, field preparation of your meat and trophies, transportation from Cranbrook/Kimberley to base camp and return, pre-hunt acquiring of (not cost of) all licenses and tags, all necessary export permits, and assistance around Cranbrook/Kimberley, if necessary, to see butcher, taxidermist and/or Ministry of Environment for compulsory inspections.

THE COST OF YOUR HUNT EXCLUDES: Fees for hunting licenses and tags, gratuities to guides, meat butchering, taxidermy, shipping of meat and trophies, alcoholic beverages, the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and all travel, accommodation and meals prior to Day 1 of hunt and after arriving in Cranbrook/Kimberley on the last day of hunt, extra trips to town for your personal needs.