Cougar, Lynx, Bobcat, & Wolf


Naturally, with the good populations of ungulates, comes a healthy number of cougar, lynx, bobcat and wolf.

We are located near a world-class ski resort. The resort’s owners chose the area based on its excellent snow conditions — and thanks to these conditions, we usually have no shortage of fresh snow on these hunts. This is a true blessing for the predator hunter, as it helps in quickly sorting out which trails are hot.

Our hunting area includes significant winter rangeland for large populations of deer, moose and elk which not only migrate from remote valleys in our territory, but come from distant valleys in the surrounding region. The predators descend on our area in good numbers to hunt for food.

We are fortunate to have one of the strongest packs of big game Mountain Lion and Bear hunting dogs found anywhere. Our passion is using hounds to hunt for Mt. Lions and other predators and we have many years’ experience in leading successful hunts. We take great pride in our pack of hounds, which are extremely well trained. We also breed and train hound pups which we sell to other outfitters and enthusiasts in North America. Bottom line: we are guides that eat sleep and breathe hound hunting.

We spend hours each day on and off season training our team of hounds. We keep them in top shape by running them for several miles each day. Ryan Berard is also one of the first called when conservation officers in Southeastern BC need help on hunting down a problem bear or cougar that represents a danger to the local community. All of this ensures that the dog team is in top shape, and has honed senses for picking out and pursuing the big predators.

When hunting these predators, we generally use truck and snowmobile to locate a fresh track, and then employ the hounds for undertaking the chase. The hunt usually begins well before dark, whereby we sort through what are usually several sets of fresh tracks and prioritize them based on size and freshness. We can tell the quality and sex of the cat by the track. If we find a female or small tom, we move on and keep looking for something better. By midafternoon if nothing else is found, most of our past hunters opt to run the small tom or female for the fun of it, some excellent photo opportunities and to stretch the legs out. Some of these predators will travel a significant distance, so it is important to be in great shape before embarking on one of these hunts.

The adventure and the scenery are first class. There is nothing like the sun rise on a crystal clear morning in the mountains with an inch of fresh snow. The call of the hounds and an angry cougar at the end of the trail is a site to behold!

We offer a 7-day Cougar hunt or an 8-day predator hunt which includes Cougar, Lynx, Bobcat and Wolf.

Ask around and you will be hard pressed to find an outfitter that will keep at the hunt, limiting his take to trophy males. The vast majority of guides and outfitters are more than happy to have you take a small female and end the hunt as early as possible. Make no mistake; all female cougars are small no matter what anyone tells you and not the trophy and hunt you deserve.

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