Shiras Moose

Terrific odds of taking a top-notch trophy!

Shiras Moose are a highly sought after subspecies of the Moose family. Our territory includes over 40 lakes, 3 major river systems, and countless tributaries. When combined with several old-growth burn areas, this makes for excellent moose habitat.

We have historically had 100% success in our moose hunts, with many bulls sporting 40-50 inch antler spreads.

Archery hunting takes place during the peak rutting period, and we use calling techniques to find and get close to the big bulls. There’s little to match the exhilaration of an angry Bull Moose charging into your ambush after a challenge call!

The rifle hunt takes place by accessing moose areas by horseback or on old logging trails with a 4X4 truck or ATV, and then glassing for trophy bulls.

We have a limited number of tags per year, so it is advisable to book your moose hunt early. You can combine your moose hunt with the pursuit of black bear, mule deer, whitetail and wolf which are included (apart from the tags) in the base price of the package.

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