Whitetail and Mule Deer

One of the best kept secrets of our area!

Our hunting area affords outstanding opportunities for mule deer and whitetail hunting. With a number of rather mild recent winters and targeted predator control, the deer populations are increasing. Our Sawtooth area has the opportunity at world-class mule deer during early September and the first 10 days of November. This is prime time when the mule deer are either in their summer range or moving from higher elevations to winter range and usually coincides with the peak rut.

We hunt whitetail deer at lower elevations where we know they reside and target the rut the last half of November. Mule deer are hunted in old-growth burn areas, alpine basins and some of our more open drainages.

We use horses and 4X4s to access the productive deer hunting areas and then proceed on foot.

Many of our hunters also bag a mule deer or whitetail while Elk, Goat or Moose hunting. However, a specialty deer hunt, which specifically targets the most productive deer areas, is the ticket if you are after a trophy class Mule deer or Whitetail.

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